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Turbo Propeller Driven Shower Head

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The new TurboPropeller™ Showerhead features an exclusive laser perforated panel that delivers unmatched performance with a 200% increase in pressure.




Cut your water bills with this all-green solution and improve your wellness at once.

A SPA in the comfort of your own bathroom

The new TurboPropeller™ Showerhead features an enhanced showering experience with a powerful jet that improves micro-circulation making you feel more fresh and tonic

Try a delightful yet energic water stream that will take away all the distress from your muscles, making you feel relieved and relaxed  


Mineral Ion Water

If you’ve ever tried a SPA shower you should have noted the difference with the shower of your home. But have you ever wondered why?

SPA showers are powered by mineral stones that affect the purity and the hardness of the water, enhancing a natural sensation and a vital impulse that makes your body feel instantly cleaner and tonic.

The innovative technology behind TurboPropeller™ Shower, with an exclusive technology built-in the neck, recreates exactly the same effect on the water flowing from the showerhead. It instantly cleans the water from impurities and harmful substances such as chlorine and bacteria and enhances an optimal pH level, delivering the same feeling of freshness as an expensive SPA shower. 

Now you can enjoy a regenerating SPA shower in the comfort and privacy of your home.


Protect yourself against the negative side effects of chlorine

Our skin is protected by a barrier of natural oils and fats. Chlorine, when added to the water, produces hypochlorous acid once it contacts bacteria and other impurities. This acid easily strips our skin of its natural oils and as a result, our skin gets dry, itchy and irritated.

The exclusive mix of Ionic stones is specifically designed to reverse the negative effects that chlorine has on your body, leaving you with a sense of complete freshness and regeneration.



Clean Water. Always

Do you ever have the feeling of not being completely clean after a shower? That’s not so uncommon. A traditional showerhead may accumulate residues from the water that clog the holes, making the water full of harmful residue.

That’s why we have equipped the new TurboPropeller™ with a top-quality stainless steel panel: the holes are laser micro-perforated and our AntiBlock technology makes our model more resistant to impurities accumulation. It can be easily detached for simple and fast maintenance anytime you need.


Choose the original

The new TurboPropeller™ Showerhead is the result of a multi-year experience and a constant improvement in our models to deliver the shower experience you deserve at the end of a busy day or to kick-start your new one. The choice of materials, the innovative design and its exclusive features make this state of the art showerhead the top of the range in the bathroom market, at an affordable price.

An unmatched Shower experience

We are a dynamic company with the aim to bring you the best products on the market, that's why we fully devote ourselves to product research and a customer-oriented service

-  Best Price on the Market

- Professional Customer Support

- Original Certified Product, top quality manufacture

- Trusted by hundreds of customers all over the world

Secure payment and a 100% no risk Satisfaction Guarantee


Frequently asked questions

Will the TurboSpa™ fit my shower hose?
Yes, simply screw onto any standard shower hose. All popular shower manufacturers use the same sized piping and connections.
Does it work on stationary showers as well?
Yes! it works on both stationary showers and hose showers.

Is it hard to install?
Nope! Installation is extremely easy. It's as simple as screwing off your old showerhead and screwing on ours!

Does it use more water than regular showerheads?
It actually uses 54% less water than any standard shower head

Does it have a filtering system?
Yep! It is equipped with 9 layer filtering system to ensure you are not harming your skin with unhealthy bacteria and minerals found in unfiltered water. 

Is it high quality?
Yep! We use the highest quality materials for each individual part to ensure the longest life expectancy for all of our products!



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